Creation of the Collection

George M. Yeager’s quest to build a notable autograph collection of American makers of wealth coincided with his start in 1960 on a long career as an investment counselor. Indeed, the core of the collection was displayed in the Rockefeller Center offices of Yeager, Wood and Marshall, Inc., for several decades before finding its present home at Concordia College.

Believing that America’s rich heritage of entrepreneurship was a distinguishing feature among nations, Mr. Yeager felt that autograph material of wealth creators would be a natural collection specialty – especially given his professional focus on investing in great American business enterprises.

Fortunately, few autograph collections at that time shared his focused area of interest. Accordingly, autograph material of businessmen and financiers was modestly priced relative to those of America’s presidents, signers of the Declaration of Independence, politicians, movie stars, sports heroes and , indeed, notorious criminals.Mr. Yeager was thus able to acquire choice material in his early years of collection at a fraction of their later prices.

In 2006, over one hundred fifty autographs were put on permanent display in The Yeager Collection Room on Concordia College’s campus in Bronxville, New York. The Collection is open to the public during library hours. Many more unframed documents are also available for consultation by appointment.